Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 'English' Invasion of Ireland in 1169?

In the town of Leighlinbridge Co. Carlow on March 6th 1305 a riot erupted after a dog was killed by a servingman of the Bishop of Ossory. Below is a list of those who appeared in court charged with attacking and wounding the Bishops men.

Thomas le Chapman, and Will, son of Geoffrey Cachepol, Ricard son of Jordan le Fisshere, Edmund du Vaal, Roger le Lange, John son of Henry, Walter de la Barre, John de Weston, Adam le Maceoun, Will. Penlyn, Will. Fyntenan, Stephen le Maceoun, Ric. le Tayllour, John le Crokere, Adam Gregori, Roger the smith, Nich le Soutere, Walter Traharne, David le Crokere, Peter de la Barre, Thomas son of William, David Robyn, John Southeuan, Gregory le Flemyng, Adam le Crokere, Will le Waleys, Adam le Tannere, John le Graunt, Oliver Deyncourt, Peter le Chapman, Will. Alayn, Adam Baret, Ric. Clement, Will, le Graunt, Ric. le Chapman, Geoffrey son of Ric. le Fysshere, and Ric. son of Thomas Chapman.

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